Nexus Finserve also has Loans as a part of its product basket. Nexus Finserve has partnered with reputed loan providing companies to offer these products to all categories of investors.

The loan providing partners are selected after a thorough due-diligence process and are known to have excelled in customer service & engagement in their respective fields.

  • Loan Against Securities :– Investors in need of short term funds, can avail loans against their existing investment in a hassle free manner from reputed service providers. The loan eligibility is available online for the investors and is updated dynamically based on their existing investments.
  • Loan Against Properties :- Investors can also avail loans against their existing properties and Nexus FInserve can assist investors in meeting their funds requirements through this product offering.
  • Home Loans :– Nexus Finserve has recently forayed in the Real Estate Distribution space and to complement this product offering, Nexus FInserve can also assist their investors to avail for Home Loan facilities through Nexus FInserve national tie-ups.