Mutual Fund Advisory Services

Nexus Finserve Offers Customised wealth management services to Retail, High Networth Individual and Corporate Clients. We strongly believe that Investment Planning is the stepping stone to achieve one's financial aspirations.

The Investment Advisory Process can be summarized as follows :–

  • Goal Setting – Determine Financial objectives, time scale s and risk tolerance.
  • Asset allocation – Decide an appropriate mix on various investment choices.
  • Portfolio Construction – Based on asset mix, we build a customized, portfolio of investment in insurance products.
  • Review – Regular portfolio Monitoring, to ensure necessary adjustments in line with set goal.

NExus FinServe offers you the following to fulfill your investment related needs :–

  • Access to all AMCs
  • Due diligence of each AMC on a periodic basis
  • Selected Sector wise performance reports
  • Select allocation wise yearly reports of recommended schemes
  • Fund manager track record
  • Best revenue model
  • Direct connectivity with fund manager
  • Consolidated Portfolio statement
  • Online buy / sell / switch / SIP facility